Front Radlader mit CE - PG16

Front Radlader mit CE - PG16

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Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

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Produktbeschreibung: Front Radlader mit CE - PG16

Front Wheel Loader with CE - PG16

Model: Xinchai 498BT (Euroiii and EPA Approved)
Engine type: In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel Engine
Rated Power: 37KW
Rated Speed: 2400 r/min (rpm)
Fuel Consumption ratio in standard working condition: 230g /kw. H

Transmission System
Type: Fixed-spindle Power shift
Shift gear control oil pressure: 1.2~1.5MPa
Rated input speed: 2500 (rpm)

Bucket Capacity: 0.80 m3 (2) Bucket width: 2000mm
Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
Rated Load: 1600kg
Operating Weight: 4100kg

Length (Bucket on ground position): 5300mm
   - Ground to Cab Top: 2750mm
   - Dumping Height: 2700mm
   - Min. Base to the Ground: 260mm
Overall Width: 1800mm

Operating Specifications
Steering System: Articulated Frame with hydraulic power steering
Min Turning Radius: 4500mm
Driving System: Hydraulic converter

Brake System
Service Brake: Four Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake
Parking Brake: Hand operated

Tyre: 12-16.5

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