Wallscanner to rent
Wallscanner to rent

Wallscanner to rent

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Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

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Produktbeschreibung: Wallscanner to rent

NEW Wallscanner - to rent.

For locating pipelines, cable ducts and others hidden in the wall. Like metal, plastic, electrical wires and wood.

You can rent per SMS with your full name and complete address, and from when to when you want to hire, to the mobile phone number 079 66 008 33.

Rent we charge the following day on which you have picked up the wallscanner - positioning device with us until this resist reaches us.

The device costs:
- For one day 25,- SFR each additional day 15,- SFR.

For the delivery (swiss post) we charge you 11, - sfr. Minimum rent is 2 days.

After returning the device you will receive an invoice by post, which is payable during 10 days.

A pickup in Zurich is possible after agreement by telephone.
You can reach 7 days x 24 hours per SMS.
Calls only between 07:00 to 22:00 also on weekends.

zufriedener kunde Telefon: 079 66 008 33


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