PGC-360 Excavator

PGC-360 Excavator

Gewicht: 33.000,00 KG

Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

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Produktbeschreibung: PGC-360 Excavator

PGC-360 big size excavator is a new model specially designed for big mines. It adopts the features of modern hydraulic excavators, and can meet various jobs.

The PGC-360 series excavator is designed with the most reliable quality. To guarantee the safety, the excavator is equipped with strengthened boom/stick/cylinder and special structure cabin. Mature assembly and high-standard engines make PGC-360 series excavators more flexible against hard working conditions and long-life.

PGC-360 series excavators meets the jobs demands such as earthmoving, river clearance, projects construction and especially for large mines.

Operating weight    33000 KG
Engine power    18km/2000 h
Travel speed    5.0 Km/3.1 rpm
Ground pressure    65.3 kpa
Bucket digging force    259 kN
Fuel tenk capacity    630 L
Bucket capavcity    1.4 M3
Swing speed    10 rpm
Gradeability    50%
Arm digging force    201 kn
Hydraulic tank capacity    260 L

Overall Length    1149 mm
Overall height    3186 mm
Overall width    3190 mm
Cab height    3125 mm
Ground clearance of counterweight    1220 mm
Min.ground clearance    500 mm
Rear-end swing radius    3425 mm
Tumblers distrances    4050 mm
Undercarriage length    6470 mm
Track gauge    3700 mm
Track shoe width    600 mm
Upper structure width    3195 mm

Working range
MAX digging radius    11077 mm
MAX digging radius on ground    10882 mm
MAX digging depth    7362 mm
MAX vertical wall digging depth    6460 mm
MAX digging height    10078 mm
MAX dumping height    7382 mm
Min swing radius    4348 mm

Cant be shipped in Container
Must be shipped on roll-on-roll-off ship.
Shipping Price about 15-20.000 usd indepense of your location.
Please ask us for a valid detail offer.

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