PGC-85 Excavator

PGC-85 Excavator

Gewicht: 24.500,00 KG

Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl

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Produktbeschreibung: PGC-85 Excavator

America made engine CUMMINS B3.3(BC30060)
Power 60KW/2200RPM
In conformity with the EU III emission control regulations, a guarantee of super power
Imported hydraulic system with dual pump and dual circuit, stable work performance, fast speed.
Guarantee for 3 yrs under normal use and maintenance
Imported hydraulic components, Japan made KAWASAKI main pump, Japan made KYB multi-circuit valve, swing motor, walking motor, Japan made or South Korea made gasoline tank
On-line digital monitoring and control system
GPS satellite position and remote diagnose system(optional)
Cold&warm air conditioner supply under different kinds of weather conditions
Light and handy pilot operating system
Steel pedrail

Operation weight 8.300 kg
Travel speed 2.9/4.6 km/h
Bucket Capacity 0.36 - 0.4 m3 (SAE)
Tracking force 70.8 kn
gradeability  30 (58%)
Swing speed 11 rpm
Bucket digging force 54.8 kn
Groundpressure 38 KPa
Arm digging force 46.6 kn

Max digging radius 6.810 mm
Max digging radius at ground level 6.680 mm
Max digging depth 4.375 mm
Max vertical wall digging depth 3.200 mm
Max digging height 7.310 mm
Max dozer lifting height 310 mm

Boom Lenth 3.905 mm
Arm Lenth 1.750 mm
Upperstructure with 2.170 mm
Unercarriage width 2.100 mm
Overall Weight with Cabinet 2.540 mm
Rea Swing radius 1.835 mm
Clearance under counter weight 785 mm
Tumbler Distance 2.200 mm
Ground clearnce 370 mm
Overall lenth for transportation 6.430 mm

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